Saturday 2nd August 2014 - Married for 2124 days

About Us


JillJill is a born and bred Essex girl and a dancer at heart. She moved up to Norfolk with her family in 2001, in 2007 she started work at ULR where she first met Guy. Jill is now working at Specsavers and studying at DeMontford University in Leicester to become and audiologist.


GuyGuy was born and bred in Norwich and has lived there all his life. His first job was at ULR and is still working there to this day. Guy enjoys playing computer games and going to quizzes and is currently learning to speak Spanish.

How we met...

Jill met Guy at his place of work, their eyes locked over the photo copier and after talking they went out for a few drinks at a nearby pub however Guy was late as he overslept!!

The proposal...

On their anniversary Guy took Jill on a surprise trip. He arranged a train up to Newcastle and waiting at the station was a Limousine with champagne and Guy proposed in the back. They then got dropped off onto a ferry to Amsterdam.